Traditional VS. Photojournalistic

Coverage will vary in time as well as style. Most photographers will offer a combination of styles and of course, keeping to one style, like traditional, could be a negotiating point in the price.

Traditional coverage generally includes a set list of images many of which most are posed , unlike the photojournalistic style, which has the photographer or photographers doing a moment by moment style of photography. This style leads to many more pictures being taken and usually a larger price tag results. Photographers who feature this style are generally on the move during the event trying to capture every moment.

The traditional wedding coverage will have the photographer sticking with a fairly standard list that you can usually customize but a list none the less. Often precious moments are not caught using this approach. While the traditional should cost you less, it could also cost you in terms of the pictures you didn't get because the photographer stuck to the list that you contracted.


I negotiate because I don't believe in a "one size fits all" world. The amount of time,coverage and shooting that is required to capture a wedding using a photojournalistic approach requires much more from the photographer on the day of the wedding as well as afterward than a straight forward tradition wedding package. Because no two weddings are the same, I don't believe they should approached using the same photographic method, and so I am always willing to adjust my packages to meet the specific needs of my client.

I customize every wedding to fit the couples needs and budget. Please call or email me today to discuss your customized wedding package.

Every wedding I photograph includes a CD of the digital files for the couple.

Hiring a photographer?

I invite you to read about my approach to wedding photography...

I have been photographing weddings for over twenty years. Over that period of time I've learned many things about my work as a wedding photographer. I spent almost twelve of those years as a printing technician at a professional lab in Charlottesville during the evenings. I could easily oversee my photographs from start to finish. But it also gave me the opportunity to have greater insight into the work of my fellow Charlottesville wedding photographers, whose work I printed as well.

I have always believed that as a photographer my job is to capture my vision of the beauty around me in images. As a wedding photographer I believe it is also to capture your vision, your memories and your wedding. Often as "artists", photographers feel a strong need to remain true to their own "vision", and that is fine for "fine art". To be a truely outstanding wedding photographer, one must know how and when to merge your clients vision with your own. After all, you will spend a great deal of time and money crafting your wedding to be your own unique and special event. Your photographer should be able to apprieciate that and be willing to take his place in your wedding plans.

For many years, the importance of the wedding photography has been peripheral to other responsibilities of planning a wedding such as the choosing your cake and dress. Venue has always been one of the largest consideratons because it must satisfy a great number of variables- the date of your wedding, number of the guests you plan to attend, and it's ability to accommadate all your needs as well as the needs of your guests.

But once you've settled on your perfect location what should be your next priority.Being a photographer, I am particial to your next step in planning your perfect wedding to be finding the photographer who is right for you.

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Wedding Specials

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Most weddings take about a year to plan and the day will come and go quickly. Long after that day you will have your memories.Reputable photographers book fast and competition is fierce in most areas because of the wide variety of photographers who shoot weddings, from large, high volume studios to the weekend shooter. How do you figure out which photographer is best for you?

There are many variables to consider when choosing your photographer. Just as with your venue, the availability of a photographer for your date could determine how many photographers you can choose from. And of course price too will dictate those photographers that you will seriously consider. But before you set your mind on a particular price, remember the cliche, "memories are priceless".